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    Wenigstens mal ne ordentliche Erneuerung.
    Dachte schon ich hätte das falsche Spiel gestartet. Sieht echt cool aus


      Am 13.07.22 gab es ein neues "release candidate". Das eigentliche neue "Build" soll im August kommen. Sobald es erscheint, werde ich die Server updaten.

      Hier mal der Link zur Beschreibung des RC:

      Das Changelog liest sich interessant. Wie immer gilt: Die "known issues" sollte man auch lesen ;)

      Sehr interessant finde ich vor allem die Dinge rund im die "Track Limit Detection" und die Änderungen im UI ;)


        Thema Track Limits. Ein wichtiges Thema zur Formel 1!

        Für mich stellt sich mindestens die Frage, ob das automatisch für alle Strecken gilt, oder nur für Strecken, die Track Limits definiert haben?

        Und warum sollte es Track Linits mit der Einstellung 'None' geben?


          Zitat von zackspeed Beitrag anzeigen
          , ob das automatisch für alle Strecken gilt, oder nur für Strecken, die Track Limits definiert haben?
          ich denke letzteres...



            Alle Server laufen jetzt auf Version 1.1130

            Auf dem Server 7 habe ich eine aktuelle F1 Mod aufgespielt (SRHF1_2022_1.02) - wer Zeit und Lust hat...

            Der Autodownload müsste funktionieren. Wenn nicht: die Mod findet ihr auch als Steam-workshop (Formula Hybrid-22).


              alle Server auf v1.1131

              hier der Change-Log:


              • Enabled Alt+F4 and X closing the game
              • Fixed a rare crash when changing cameras
              • Fixed game crashing with “null” in controller.json
              • Fixed game crashing when pressing escape to monitor
              • Added Key Assignment to toggle Freelook Mouse Control
              • Improved package install speeds
              • Updated DRS regulations to be restricted in all zones by default and not allowed if there are no drs zones.
              • Added RFM parameter “RearFlapNoZonesAllowed” to allow DRS when no zones are available.
              • Fixed online temp car not lighting correctly at night.
              • Improved visibility of pitbox marker at night.
              • Fixed anonymous steam IDs being reported in the results.xml when players left the server before the file gets written.
              • Sped up Race Event creation in MAS Tool regardless of size/age of pkginfo.dat
              • Fixed premium content unavailable offline

              Track Limits
              • Added Relaxed Track Limits Mode
              • Added Penalties Only display mode
              • Added Test Day support for GDB Settings (via Practice settings)
              • Increased penalties for passing illegally and increased time to return place.
              • Made it possible to change modes in Dev Mode
              • General improvements to pit lane, removing unnecessary reports inside the pitlane, and fixing pit exit line cut detection if content is setup correctly.
              • Reworked Track Limits dialogue to use HUD Font and add indicator strip
              • Updated track limits display, showing all warnings and penalties via messages.
              • Fixed AI editor adding connections from pit lane to main path where the game should not (in some cases due to waypoint locations)
              • Fixed an issue where going off track again before penalization would not continue the investigation.
              • Added ability to configure Track Limits display in HUDs, but fix to set display if not configured.
              • Added “HUD” option to Display position options for Track Limits Info, when set at this it will be placed where the HUD configures. You can manually adjust the position otherwise.
              • Added sample parameters to default HUD
              • Removed loose fonts from ModDev and fixed font loading from mas files
              • Added HUD editor support for Track Limits element

              • Added Headlight Pulse. Defaults to J key. On activation headlights will pulse 4 times for a second. Previous headlight state is retained and this will not cause issues with headlight requirements.
              • Set Auto Headlights to turn on at night even if not required.
              • Fixed an issue with Headlight assignment not being kept after a driver swap.
              • Fixed Max Headlights PLR value not being respected
              • Updated Headlights to be culled based on the position of selected vehicle. Note in Freelook mode to make sure you have selected the vehicle you are focusing on if you are having issues with the headlights not being rendered.

              • Improved in Game Exposure in VR
              • Fixed omni lights being falsely applied to objects with Omni not enabled
              • Added ability to set an emissive map on the Terrain shader. Intended for baking distant lighting into terrain.
              • Fixed delta not resetting correctly after a driver swap
              • Fix crash when trying to display the game in borderless on a third monitor with a different solution than the first.
              • Fix using the resolution of the first screen when displaying on any other using borderless.
              • Fixed a crash when changing monitor when in fullscreen.
              • Fixed changing resolutions in windowed mode.
              • Fixed reverting resolution picking the wrong resolution to revert to. Used to pick the first with the same width.

              • Settings across the UI can now be adjusted more quickly:
              • Right mouse button: 10x multiplier
              • Middle mouse button: 50x multiplier
              • Holding down left mouse button:
              • 5x multiplier after 2 seconds
              • 10x multiplier after 4 seconds
              • Greyed out setup settings (including the name and value) that cannot be adjusted
              • Fixed camber setup setting description
              • Ambient and track temperatures in the event screen are now shown in Celsius of Fahrenheit based on the selected units
              • MultiView monitor side angle setting has been limited to 90 degrees in graphics settings
              • Updated refreshing of setup list
              • Fixed subscribing to “All” content collection in the First Launch Wizard
              • Fixed setup settings becoming greyed out when one of the step values is “N/A”
              • Fixed multiplayer admin session controls
              • Fixed setting next race length (note: new race length will be displayed after switching to another session, e.g. practice → qualifying)
              • Fixed restart race button being disabled during a race session
              • Fixed showing percentage for the singleplayer “Race time” setting when “Race criteria” was set to “% Track Time” or “% Track Default”
              • Fixed “Torque split” setup setting description typo (read wheels → rear wheels)
              • In multiplayer session controls, fixed selecting spectators when there are more than one
              • Fixed selecting driver/spectator in multiplayer session controls when there’s a driver and spectator with the same name on the server
              • Fixed not being able to delete the first replay in the list

              • Fixed erratic throttle and brake inputs
              • Fixed waypoint lookahead to fix jerky steering motion
              • Fixed an issue with driveline noise that could cause AI to brake partially off track and spin, or cut too much
              • Fix for problematic behaviour introduced in RC where AI would lose track of the target waypoint or get stuck driving the wrong way.

              • Refactored engine code

              • Minor fixes
              • Fixed an issue with sounds disappearing (other, similar issues still exist!)
              • Fixed a rare crash when loading AI cars using the new sound system
              • Fixed issue with sounds disappearing

              Live stream overlayModding
              • Added the ability to animate any maps UVW via Scroll and Step options on IBL Standard and IBL Standard Blend shaders.
              • Fixed buggy background on telemetry debug screens in ModDev.
              • Added OnScreen ModDev Tweakbar for debugging Car Cockpit readouts and debugging of LED values.
              • IBL Road Shader: Added the ability to blend out alt normal map via RDT.b
              • IBL Vegetation Shader: Added optional detail map with extended blend options.

              Known issues
              • Skip updates button on package install is unresponsive
              • Going off track and returning on track with a return pass message visible will reset the counter to 5 seconds
              • There are some issues around track limits violations being converted into time penalties if you finish the race before the violation is evaluated.
              • Transmission sounds don’t play correctly
              • Setup list doesn’t work correctly in mod dev
              Zuletzt geändert von UlrichBlanke; 08.11.2022, 18:04.


                Studio 397 hat für den 21.02.2023 ein update angekündigt.

                Da das bei den Clients (also bei uns auf unseren PCs zuhause) über Steam wohl automatisch erfolgt, werde ich die Server direkt nach dem release updaten.


                  alle Server auf v1.1132

                  hier der Change-Log:


                  • Track Limits: reduced sensitivity to switching paths, such as near the pit lane entrance, and reduced strict penalty points for an invalid pit lane to main path change from Drive Through to 1 point.
                  • Vehicle option for brake repair in a pitstop
                  • Added “+VR” command line option to launch the game using VR. Added new steam option when starting game.
                  • Added “Steam Matchmaking Broadcast” option to Multiplayer.json. This will allow the server to be hidden from matchmaking. Current matchmaking status will be shown on the Dedicated Server UI.
                  • Reworked controller and keyboard controls to default to a new, improved steering sensitivity filter that simulates vehicle forces
                  • Replaced inaccessible steering rate configuration with steering aggression slider to control how aggressively the new controller filter allows turn-in
                  • Reworked steering configuration page to replace wheel-only settings with non-wheel relevant settings when a non-wheel device is in use
                  • Reintroduced adjustable steering rates
                  • Added selection for gamepad steering filters
                  • Made both steering filters adjustable independently
                  • Added snappiness slider to steering rates configuration – 0% is original behaviour, higher % is more snappy without having to increase steering rates
                  • Made new steering sensitivity filter more direct
                  • Server keys are now machine independent and can be shared between any machines

                  Track Limits
                  • Scale certain factors of scoring down when we go less than a third of the track width off track.
                  • Fixed a rare possibility of cuts not being scored.
                  • Added extra data to logging & ModDev Debug mode

                  • Added soft blend when changing selected vehicle
                  • Added ability to hold current camera
                  • Added ability to pause car tracking. Pressing the SHIFT key whilst this is enabled will reset tracking to the closest point the tracking is paused at.
                  • Added camera group tracking for cars traveling close together, by default in race sessions only.
                  • Allow the previous laps S/F line camera to remain valid when using cycle method. This allows for different cameras over the start finish line.
                  • Reduced strength of shake effect on cameras with this enabled.
                  • Allowed zooming in / out / reset on TV Cameras with out any extra modes being enabled. Optionally allowed this to persist after changing cameras.
                  • Added acceleration and deceleration to Freelook for smoother movement.
                  • Added the ability to load custom cameras from Userdata\Cameras
                  • Added auto calculation of spectator camera directions to the nearest waypoint to the first activation location.

                  Photo Mode
                  • Split out from Freelook camera adjustments (aperture, exposure, focus) options to a separate Photo Mode.
                  • Photo Mode allows configuration of visual settings, in addition to the usual Freelook options. However is not available when driving.
                  • UI accessible from replay screen, with full configuration options and key hints.
                  • Renamed all controls to FreeMove/FreeLook/FreeLens as these are not accessible in the full Photo Mode.

                  • New electric motor implementation (used for btcc cars) including
                  • Electric Motor map
                  • Added to onboard controls (not in gui yet)
                  • Regeneration map
                  • Added to onboard controls (not in gui yet)
                  • Push to Pass map
                  • Added to onboard controls (not in gui yet)
                  • Plugin API updated to include physics output (also see plugin example):
                    • Battery charge
                    • torque
                    • rpm
                    • motor temperature
                    • water temperature (if applicable)
                    • motor state (inactive, propulsion, regenerate)
                  • Updated p2p system with new options to accommodate btcc:
                    • time limit per lap
                    • minimum gear activation requirement
                    • minimum time between activations
                    • turn off when crossing start/finish
                  • Fixed bug where SteeringInnerTable wasn’t always properly applied
                  • Fixed bug with reading brake maps from hdv/engine files. It now reads definitions with less than 11 entries again.
                  • Fixed visual steering lock mismatch at low speeds when using non-standard steering lock in the vehicle setup
                  • Fixed temporary boost not taking into account session boost limit

                  • Improved visual progression of wet road with a more linear progression.
                  • Added new IBL Water Shader which uses SSR for more accurate reflections.
                  • Added motion blur.
                  • Fixed various stutters with cloud movement in replays and online
                  • Live TV Screens: Added option to disable, Fixed aspect ratio when running non 16:9 resolutions, Improved shader visually.
                  • Forced use of high power GPU on devices with multiple GPUs (i.e. Laptops).
                  • Tweaked PostFX profiles for more realistic depth of field on broadcast cameras

                  • Improved management of Driver fuel calculations, making sure that we only update when a fully valid lap has been completed.
                  • Fixed error in default calculations which would mean with fuel scalars, AI would not add extra fuel to tank
                  • Improved logic for cars leaving pits in practice and qualifying sessions. Encouraging AI to use up all laps, and making sure they attempt to set a lap time in short sessions.
                  • Fix for AI being prevented from passing when pitting in on a race lap
                  • Fix for AI running into the back of other vehicles

                  • Cockpit Display now shows Brake Bias correctly as the bias to the front in whole percent.

                  • Fixed being able to set race laps to below 2 in single player session settings.
                  • Fixed the singleplayer quick event page layout being broken sometimes on page load.
                  • Added new “Cinematic cameras” tab in Settings → Assign controls
                  • This tab holds new cinematic settings along with previously existing assignable controls
                  • Renamed “Cameras & seat” tab to “Driving cameras & seat” and re-organized the assignable controls
                  • Made the hitbox for checkboxes in the content screen table slightly bigger
                  • Fixed the ‘Default’ FOV setting showing as ‘9’ instead of ‘Default’
                  • Corrected various camera control help tips

                  Package Management
                  • New system to allow store items to be unsubscribed / resub scribed through the UI
                  • Packages can be download in the background without blocking the UI
                  • Packages in the content management are grouped by workshop or store item
                  • The install UI can be minimized when downloading content
                  • Package states now show as orange when an operation is in progress
                  • Content you don’t own can now be installed from the content management page
                  • On the cars and tracks lists, greyed out cars and tracks that you do not own and added a button to access the store page for that item
                  • You can spectate on any race even if you don’t own anything assuming the content is installed
                  • You can only race in cars that you own on tracks that you own
                  • When joining a server cars you do not own will be grayed out
                  • When passenger swapping you can only ride as a passenger in vehicles you own you should only be able to select those vehicles you own
                  • Added information about required content to join the server on the join error page
                  • Greyed out entries with cars you do not own in the spectate popup
                  • Disabled “Resume” replay button for entries with car you do not own

                  • Added PBR Debug Tool for Mod Dev and Scene Viewer. This allows artists to debug the component outputs of the PBR pipeline.
                  • Added IBL Water Shader which uses SSR for reflections
                  • Fixed occasional glitchy car tracking in camera editor
                  • Updated ModDev to load RCD files from Vehicle folders
                  • AI Editor Improvements:
                  • Allow the removal of multiple paths in one go
                  • More consistent AIW path adjustments
                  • Fixed editing of pit paths wp positions
                  • Fixed updating of path positions when editing waypoint positions
                  • Added fuel to various ModDev debug screens (Driver and Vehicle screens)
                  • Added new cockpit elements:
                    • BoostMotorTempDigit
                    • BatteryLevelDigit
                    • P2PActivationsThisLap
                    • P2PActiveTimeThisLap
                    • P2PACTIVE_LED
                    • P2PAVAILABLE_LED
                  • Improved ttool perfomance significantly. It’s now more than twice as fast. The checksum will differ, but results are the virtually the same.

                  Known issues
                  • Cancel updates button is unresponsive
                  • Driver labels are sometimes out of position on screen or sort incorrectly with certain transparent objects
                  • Motion blur is disabled for cockpit cameras
                  • Booting in offline mode can cause premium content to display as pending uninstall in the content management screen, returning to online mode restores the correct display
                  • It is not possible to take a pit stop when pitlanes without a boundary do not have a clear break in the cut corridors between the pitlane and the main track.